Colour Sums

What is it?

Colour sums is a new Add-on to the Google extension store designed with a single simple purpose in mind, to calculate cell values based on the cell background colour.

You can find Colour Sums available in the Google Sheets Add-on store here.

What's the point?

Until recently I had been using another extension to provide similar functionality, however, they decided to move to a paid model. Instead of paying for a tool that I use less than 1% of the functionality for I decided a better use of my money would be to create my own extension to fit exactly my complex requirements.

So how do I get started?

You can download the extension from the Google Sheets Add-on store, simply search for "Colour Sums".

Once installed it all gets a little complicated. There is a choice of TWO functions that may fit your situation. Do you need to calculate a range of values based depended on if a cell has a given background colour? SumAllCellsThatAreThisColour is the function for you!


Do you need to calculate a range of values based depended on if a cell does not have a given background colour? 

SumAllCellsThatAreNotThisColour is your guy!



Known bugs

Below is a list of any currently known bugs or issues that are currently being worked on:

- Any change to a cells background colour will not be picked up by the functions if altered via the Sheets mobile app (reported 29-03-2018)

- Nesting multiple calls will not work, for example = (SumAllCellsThatAreNotThisColour(A1:A5, "#ffffff") + SumAllCellsThatAreNotThisColour(B1:B5, "#ffffff")) (reported 09-07-2018)

The function isn't updating!

Due to limitations in Google sheets the functions will not automatically update when changing a cells background colour. To work around this limitation there is functionality to manually re-calculate the values at any time by clicking Add-ons > Colour Sums > Refresh Values

If you are still having issues please contact


Currently Colour Sums is only supported by the Web version of Google Sheets.

Where can I download it?

You can find Colour Sums in the Google Sheets Add-ons store under Add-ons > Get add-ons > Searching "Colour Sums" and following the onscreen instructions to install

Will you add any more functionality?

Sure, I am a lone developer but I will try to cater for any user requirements that fit the scope of Colour Sums. Feel free to email any suggestions to